Revenues from Hodeidah port fuel conflicts among the Iran-backed Houthis

Conflicts have escalated among the Iran-backed Houthis over the sources of financial resources for the interests and institutions under the control of the group, and the sharing of their revenues, to the extent of kidnappings and assassinations. Informed sources revealed.
The sources told Khabar Agency that Abu Tariq, after his appointment as Director of Hodeidah Security, sought with all his powers and with the support of the leaders behind him in Sana’a, to fully acquire Hodeidah’s revenues from taxes, customs and Zakat fees, especially the revenues of Hodeidah ports, which exceed YR50billion monthly.
Abu Tariq’s efforts collided with the Houthi leader, Abdul Hakeem Al-Khaiwani, the undersecretary of the Houthi Security and Intelligence Service, which escalated the conflict between the two parties over the sharing of the port’s revenues. The sources said.
Previous conflicts erupted between the wing of Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi and the wing of Ahmed Hamed, director of the Al-Mashat office, against the background of the Houthi request from the Chairman of the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Mohammed Abu Bakr and his deputy, Yahya Sharaf Al-Din, reports on revenues, as a result of which it became clear that there are major corruption and looting operations carried out by Sharaf Al-Din under the direction of the Minister of Transport in the militia government, Amer Al-Marani, the money was transferred to the accounts of Al Houthi and others.