How the Yemeni government ignores a Houthi war crime in Marib

The suffocating siege imposed by the Houthi militia on the Abdiya district of Marib governorate is entering its third week, as the government, its forces, and the Arab Coalition doing nothing to save the citizens in this area.
Military sources told Khabar Agency that the government forces overlooked the Houthis’ expansion in the areas of Bayhan and Harib to the Abdiya district, as part of suspicious deals between the Houthis and the Islah party, which reveals the Houthis’ progress in the line drawn in advance, in addition to the lack of movement of any units of government forces in the theater of Houthi expansion operations.
In February, the Houthi militia escalated its attacks and military operations to control Marib in a civil war that has been raging since 2014.
The sources said that what happened is similar to a process of handing over in the areas of Nihm and Al-Jawf, when the Houthis expanded rapidly, in return for the retreat of the forces affiliated with the government and without bloodshed.
Human rights reports confirmed that the Houthi siege portends a humanitarian catastrophe, and exacerbates the tragic conditions in the area following the Houthi attacks, as part of their criminal war and their desperation to seize the city of Marib.
A government report issued by the Human Rights Office in Ma'rib revealed the death of 3 civilians in Abdiya; As a result of the siege imposed by the militias, preventing them from moving to the city of Marib to obtain health care.
The report warned the international community of a largest humanitarian disaster and genocide for the entire population of the remote district, on which the militias are imposing a stifling siege without any justification and in the face of suspicious international silence.
The Houthis prevent the residents of the district, which number 5,300 families, comprising 35,000 people, from food, medicine and water supplies, while the district is devoid of any camps, food and medicine stocks, and no water projects; that prompted the population to drink from polluted water, which will lead to a health disaster. The report said.
The report called on the international community to expedite saving the lives of 2,465 severely malnourished children in the district, out of 9,827 malnourished children, in addition to 3,415 women in need of medical care.
The report documented 23 cases of kidney failure, and 11 cases of cancer, all of which need medical supply and care in medical centers that are not available in the district.
Houthis kidnapped about 3,278 civilians from the roads while they were trying to enter or leave the district. The report documented.