Iran-backed Houthis blow up two houses in Baydha, killing and injuring 20

The number of victims of the Houthi terrorist bombing of civilians homes in Radaa, Al-Baydha of Yemen has risen to 20 dead and injured, including women and children.

Local sources said that the Iran-backed Houthis blew up the house of the citizen Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Zaylai in Radaa, as well as the house of Al-Naqous, causing the roofs to collapse on the heads of the inhabitants, resulting in the death and injury of 20 members of a single family as part of their retaliatory crimes against civilians and opponents.

The two explosions resulted in the damage and destruction of five neighboring houses, including the houses of Al-Zaylai and Naqous, which are located in an area where their houses are old and interconnected with each other, amidst widespread condemnation and outrage among the residents.