Houthis using UN vehicles to transfer Iranian experts from Sanaa to Ibb

The Houthis have been transferring Iranian experts from the capital Sanaa to the province of Ibb, using UN vehicles. They also use these vehicles for other tasks that facilitate the movement of Iranian experts between Yemeni provinces. Private sources told Khabar Agency.

The sources said that the Houthis transferred a number of Iranian experts through vehicles belonging to the United Nations last Tuesday from the capital Sanaa to Ibb province, coinciding with the transfer of missiles from Hodeidah to Taiz and Ibb.

According to sources, the Iranian experts who were transferred to Ibb province are estimated to be around five, alongside a number of Houthi leaders. They were transported in two UN vehicles bearing its logo.

A number of citizens witnessed Iranian experts in several areas between the provinces of Dhamar and Ibb. They also saw another woman with them, and based on her appearance and clothing, she appears to be Iranian, and is likely to be part of the Iranian team. The sources said.