Houthi and Al-Qaeda Alliance, Five liberated Yemeni provinces are on the brink of chaos and terrorism

The Iran-backed Houthis held a secret meeting in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, at the beginning of this week, which lasted for two days, with senior leaders of the terrorist organization, Al-Qaeda. After the meeting ended, Al-Qaeda leaders returned to their areas in the provinces of Abyan and Al-Baydha. Security sources told Khabar Agency.

According to the sources who refused to be mentioned, the Houthis have reached an agreement with Al-Qaeda leadership on three main points, all serving both parties: Firstly, to turn the provinces of Aden, Abyan, Dhale, Taiz, and Shabwa into a battleground for terrorist activities, through terrorist bombings and planting explosive devices, as well as carrying out assassination operations against political and military figures in those provinces.

The second ensures the exchange of information between the two parties and reporting of coordinates targeted by the Houthi forces. It also states that Al-Qaeda operatives should execute what they are capable of and leave the rest to the Houthis to be targeted with ballistic missiles and drones.

The third states the execution of kidnapping operations targeting individuals wanted by the Houthis, facilitating their exit from the liberated Yemeni provinces, and handing them over to the Houthis, with the necessity of taking caution and being careful. Agreement has been reached on this, in exchange for providing the necessary financial support for the success of these agreement, which include providing the necessary equipment and also providing financial support.

Sources from the News Agency have revealed that the Houthi militia informed leadership of Al-Qaeda about providing them with large quantities of landmines, explosives, as well as UAVs. Additionally, they supplied them with military communication devices and systems, and also provided them with combatants if necessary.

It is likely that Al-Qaeda operatives will begin carrying out their operations in the mentioned provinces in the coming hours, coinciding with the escalation of the Houthis on several battlefronts and the readiness of the group to engage in a new phase of war and fighting, as revealed by their reinforcements that have been mobilized in the past few hours to several battlefronts.

Earlier, Houthi leaders and elements affiliated with Al-Qaeda held meetings in the cities of Sanaa and Hodeidah, with the aim of convincing the latter to participate in maritime operations and target Western interests through the execution of suicide attacks, according to Yemeni sources.

Sources said that the Houthis have convinced members of Al-Qaeda to participate in operations targeting ships, considering them as operations targeting what the militia call the "American aggression." In order to ensure the participation of Al-Qaeda, the Houthis used religious figures loyal to them to persuade Al-Qaeda members to carry out what they described as their "legitimate duty," considering their operations as "jihad" against those they refer to as enemies.