Iran-backed Houthis expel a UN official from Sanaa

Human rights sources said that the Iran-backed Houthis expelled the Deputy Commissioner of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Safeer Al-Din Sayd, from Yemen Sanaa on Thursday without stating the reasons.

The Houthi targeting of workers in international and UN organizations in Sanaa has escalated. The security and safety officer of the organization "Save the Children" was killed in a Houthi prison a few weeks ago, while Houthi militias kidnapped another UN employee in October last year.

The High Commissioner Office did not comment on the Houthi decision to expel one of its employees, while "Save the Children" organization resumed its work without disclosing the results of the investigation into the reasons behind the death of its employee Hisham Al-Hakimi in a Houthi prison in Sanaa.