Al-Qaeda releases four Houthis in Al-Baydha, including a prominent leader

Al-Qaeda terrorist organization has released four members affiliated with the Iran-backed Houthis, including a prominent leader, who had been held captive by Al-Qaeda in Al Baydha province for nearly three years.

This release is part of the joint cooperation between Al-Qaeda and the Houthis, and comes just days after the Houthis released 32 terrorist elements affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

Special sources told Khabar Agency that Al-Qaeda released four members affiliated with the Houthi militias on Tuesday, who the organization had managed to capture in an ambush in Al Zaher district, of Al Baydha province.

According to the sources, Al-Qaeda released the four Houthi members as part of recent agreements and mutual exchanges between the two sides, following Qatari mediation through the Qatari Red Crescent, whose interest in Yemen lies in supporting extremist terrorist organizations.

The Houthi leader released by Al-Qaeda Abu Al-Batool Al-Marani, and the other three members are his associates, Mohammed Badr Haydan, Mubarak Al-Khawlani, and Mukhtar Masleh Al-Ansi.