Salary cuts in Houthi controlled-areas sparks widespread public anger

The popular anger is growing over the salary cuts, lack of job opportunities, and rising food prices caused by the Houthis, which squander billions of riyals on their sectarian activities.

Observers say that the suspension of salaries for years is a crime against humanity. However, the most heinous crime is the condemnation of the Houthis and the criminalization of anyone who demands the payment of salaries.

Observers say that popular anger is growing day by day against the Houthis, which deliberately deprived employees of their salaries for over eight years.

Citizens, and employees in particular, in areas under the control of the Houthis have been greatly affected due to the group continuous seizure of the employees salaries, which has sparked widespread public anger.

"There is no authority in the world that does not pay salaries, even those authorities that witness wars and crises in their countries, like Syria, continue to pay salaries". Citizens said.

The Houthis impose exorbitant taxes and levies, and trade in everything, achieving enormous profits, while hoarding tens of billions in their coffers, separate from the reality of the people. Despite all of this, they exempt themself from providing services, as if they have no connection to the people reality. Citizens added.