Ex-prisoner speaks about the suffering of detainees in Houthi prisons

Detainees in Houthi prisons are subjected to the most severe forms of physical and psychological torture, without any intervention from international and human rights organizations.

In the past few days, the Houthis have released detainees on bail who had been subjected to various forms of torture in their prisons, and they were released in a deplorable condition. Most of them suffer from hemiplegia, while others suffer from diseases caused by the Houthi torture.

One of those recently released from Houthi prisons - who refused to reveal his identity - told Khabar Agency an aspect of the suffering of detainees in Houthi prisons. He confirmed that the Houthis give detainees drugs before interrogations, which has led many of them to become addicted.

He also said that the Houthis performed surgeries on one of the detainees under the pretext of removing fatty tissue, but it turned out they were stealing the organs of the detainees and trafficking them.

He mentioned that the suffering of the detainees in the secret prisons of the Houthis has increased in various areas of Sanaa, and then they are transferred to other secret prisons after residents of Sanaa hear screams and sounds of torture from the previous prisons.

According to the former prisoner, most of the inmates suffer from disabilities and incurable diseases caused by the Houthi elements who practice torture against them.

He confirmed that the Houthis demands financial sums from families not less than YR3 million in exchange for the release of detainees who have been paralyzed or suffered other diseases due to torture. Meanwhile, they make promises to others to release them in exchange for joining their frontlines.