Houthi landmines pose a threat to the lives of farmers in Hodeidah

A Yemeni observatory specializing in monitoring and documenting the victims of landmines and improvised explosive devices (IDEs) in Yemen has warned of the danger of these mines on the lives of farmers in the Hodeidah governorate (West of Yemen). This is due to the large areas planted with landmines that were revealed by the recent rainstorms.

The Yemeni Mine Observatory has confirmed that the landmines planted by the Houthis, which were swept away by the floods, as well as the (IDEs) in Hays directorate of Hodeidah, are heavily disguised, indicating that the lives of farmers are at great risk.

The observatory stated in a post on its platform, "The floods are carrying disguised Houthi (IDEs) and landmines to the farms in Hays directorate of Hodeidah."

"Farmers in Hodeidah are exposed to great risks, and thousands of them have lost their sources of livelihood due to the contamination of their farms with landmines, (IDEs), war remnants, which have taken vast agricultural areas out of production." The observatory added.

The observatory attached a video to the post, showing some of the Houthi landmines that were swept away by the floods, as well as the camouflage techniques used by the terrorist militia in making landmines and (IDEs), which have claimed the lives of thousands of civilians.

According to previous UN statistics, Hodeidah witnessed, during the period from January to July 2023, 390 civilian casualties, including 138 dead and 252 injured, as a result of mine explosions.