Houthi shelling kills and injures 15 civilians west of Taiz

Three civilians were killed and 12 others were injured, including children and women, in Houthi artillery shelling in the western countryside of Taiz province (southwest Yemen).

Local sources said that three civilians were martyred, and 12 others, including eight women and four children, most of them from one family, were injured as a result of the Houthi artillery shelling targeting the village of Al-Ghousha in the Mawbanah district, west of Taiz province.

The artillery shelling, targeted the house of the citizen Faisal Mohammed Mqbil Al-Zahari in the village of Al-Ghousha, west of Taiz.

The houses of citizens in Taiz province are being attacked by the Houthi militias, claiming the lives of dozens of civilians and causing significant material damage.