Iran-backed Houthis arrest a number of people returning to their controlled-areas

The Iran-backed Houthis have imposed a weekly requirement on returnees to their areas to report to the police stations in their places of residence and stand before the Houthi supervisor responsible for their region.

A local source told Khabar Agency that the Houthis have carried out a wide-scale arrest campaign in the past few days, targeting those who were deceived by the so-called "general amnesty decision" and arresting them, taking them to secret prisons.

They also forced a number of returnees to be present at the police stations on a weekly basis to appear before the Houthi supervisor in their region. The source added that if the returnees fail to attend the police stations, they are immediately arrested and sent to detention centers.

It was also mentioned that the returnees to Houthi-controlled areas are subjected to intensive sectarian courses and forced to work in serving the militia supervisors in the areas they reside in.