Yemen: WFP distributes expired food baskets

The World Food Program (WFP) distributed expired food baskets to the needy and the IDPs in Dhamar Governorate, south of Yemen's Sanaa.
Local sources told Khabar Agency, that the World Food Program has distributed, since the beginning of this week, the third batch of food baskets provided to the needy, and displaced people in Dhamar Governorate, for the current year 2023, containing a 50-kilogram bag of flour, and a 5-liter bottle of cocking oil.
The sources said that the bags of flour that were distributed by the WFP are not suitable for human use, as they are expired. As soon as the bags were opened, the citizens were surprised by small insects inside, and also the color of the flour tended to be black.
The sources pointed out that the citizens returned the bags of flour to the centers where the distribution took place, but they refused to exchange them, saying: "You only have this".
It is likely that the reason is due to poor storage, as this is not the first time that expired food baskets have been distributed
In turn, citizens appealed to the United Nations and its organizations working in the areas controlled by the Iran-backed Houthis, to form monitoring committees to monitor and examine these aid.