Yemen.. Houthi leader seizes vast land from Amran Cement Factory

Informed sources revealed that Tawfiq Al-Mashat, the brother of the prominent leader of the Iran-backed Houthis, Mahdi Al-Mashat, has seized vast lands belonging to the Amran Cement Factory, north of Yemen's Sanaa.
According to the sources, the association, which obtained more than 7,000 bricks from the lands and quarries of the Amran Cement Factory, is a fake association founded by Tawfiq Al-Mashat, brother of Mahdi Al-Mashat.
"The fake association that seized the factory lands for the purpose of what the Houthis said was the establishment of charitable projects, has begun to actually control most of the factory lands".
Sources in the factory said that the fake association had actually begun excavation and construction work in some areas looted by force in "Dhahban, Al-Haija, Yanour, Thuqabat and other areas."
The sources working in the factory confirmed that the estimated value of these areas is YR10 billion.
A leaked document addressed by the leader, Ahmed Hamed, director of Mahdi Al-Mashat's office, to the director of the Amran Cement Factory, stipulated that the factory hand over its lands to the Tawfiq Al-Mashat Association, which bears the name of the Nibras Charity Association.
The sources warned that the workers and employees of the Amran Cement Factory will lose their jobs after transferring its lands to Mahdi's brother.
The Houthis have carried out looting and seizing of government and private lands and real estate in the areas under their controll.