A Yemeni woman stranded in war-torn Sudan dies

A Yemeni woman stranded in intensive care in Sudan died, on Friday, days after the death of her baby girl and the injury of two other children, in a traffic accident during their displacement from the war-torn capital, Khartoum, to the city of Port Sudan.
Wafa Mohammed Abdullah, 41, entered intensive care in a hospital in Port Sudan, after she was injured in a traffic accident with her family a few days ago during her displacement from the capital, Khartoum.
Yemeni sources among the stranded said that Wafa died days after her stay in intensive care in a hospital in Port Sudan, due to the deterioration of her health condition.
Her child, Maram, died in the same accident, while two other children were injured. The sources said.
Hundreds of Yemenis stranded in the city of Port Sudan live in difficult, tragic conditions, and a lack of food and medicine supplies, after their evacuation failed since last April, at a time when the Yemeni government almost completely abandoned them.
The Yemeni government earlier said that the number of the Yemenis in Sudan is about 17,000, a small percentage of whom were evacuated to the city of Port Sudan, while the rest are still distributed in separate Sudanese cities.