Two children find a Houthi minefield south of Hodeidah

Two children, while grazing sheep, found a minefield left over from the Iran-backed Houthis, in Hays district, south of Hodeidah (western Yemen).
According to local sources, the two children, while grazing the sheep, noticed a landmine from the remnants of the Houthis, part of which had been uncovered by the torrential rains, before they rushed back to the village and informed the residents of the area what that they had found.
For their part, the residents informed one of the engineering teams affiliated with the Masam project, which has been working in the country for years to clear the Houthi landmines.
In turn, Masam's team began to clear the area and dismantle the landmines, as it found a minefield planted by the Houthis in Sha'ab Bani Zuhair, about three kilometers west of the center of Hays district.
According to governmental and international reports, the Houthi militia have planted more than two million multi-purpose landmines in separate areas of the country, claiming the lives of thousands of civilians, some of whom suffer from permanent disabilities.