Yemen: A new Houthi campaign to confiscate lands of citizens

The Iran-backed Houthis launched a new military campaign with the aim of confiscating an area of land estimated at 3,000 bricks in the Bani Matar district, west of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a.
Tribal sources told Khabar Agency that the Houthis sent a military campaign to confiscate large agricultural lands, with an area of 3,000 bricks in Beit Al-Maqili and Beit Ubaid in the Bani Matar district, by force of arms.
It comes as a resumption of armed confiscation on large agricultural lands in Bani Matar during the past months.
The residents of the area set up a tent for a peaceful sit-in, rejecting the looting of their lands, but the militias sent groups of their members on board a military campaign attack them. The sources said.
The campaign was launched under the directives of the Houthi leader, Abu Haidar Jahaf, head of the Real Estate Committee, and under the direct supervision of the leader, Abu Hamza Al-Kahlani. According to the sources.
In early March, the Houthi militia pushed dozens of armed elements, backed by crews and heavy weapons, to control new real estate in the villages of Ras Sana' and Beit Mahfed in the Bani Matar district.
The report of the International Sanctions Expert Group, which was recently issued, said that the Houthis are pursuing a violent and wide strategy to control real estate, with areas of up to thousands of kilometers in several governorates, as part of their efforts to enhance their financial resources.