Iranian expert trains Houthi intelligence officers at Tehran embassy in Sanaa

Iran continues to provide material and logistical support to the Houthis with various means and capabilities, and to train Houthi members on the use and installation of drones and other weapons it supplies.
Well-informed intelligence sources told Khabar Agency that an Iranian expert trained a number of Houthi security and intelligence officers on means of communication, methods of recruitment and information gathering.
A number of intelligence and security officers who joined the Security and Intelligence Service by taking courses in Saada Governorate and arrived in the Yemeni capital, held a meeting with the Houthi leader, Aziz Al-Jaradi (aka Abu Tariq), who was appointed by the Houthis as director of Hodeidah security. The sources told Khabar Agency.
The sources said that Abu Tariq met the new elements at the headquarters of Tehran embassy in Sana'a, in the presence of an Iranian security expert, who works as an expert in training Houthi intelligence personnel.
The new Houthi members had received a training course from the Iranian expert at the Iranian embassy in Sana'a for a month and ten days, before they were transferred to Hodeidah in the middle of last week.
According to the sources, the Iranian expert trained the Houthi members in the field of communications and methods of recruitment, in addition to a course in the field of electronic monitoring.
The Houthis are working hard to detonate the situation on the Yemen's West Coast and carry out terrorist attacks targeting international waters, in addition to continuing to launch terrorist attacks on citizens in other liberated governorates.
Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG) and experts from the terrorist Lebanon Hezbollah have been supporting and training Houthi elements since the beginning of the war, in implementation of Iranian agenda in Yemen and the region.