Iran-backed Houthis blow up six resident houses in Marib

Iran-backed Houthis blew up 6 resident houses in the Al-Zour area of the Serwah district, west of Marib Governorate (northeast of Yemen).
Local and tribal sources told Khabar Agency that, on Sunday, the resident houses blew up four houses with their contents completely in the village of Al-Zour in the Serwah district. On Monday, they blew up two more houses in the same area.
The Houthis booby-trapped the houses with explosive devices and detonated them, leveling them to the ground. The sources said.
The sources added that the Houthis blew up the houses under the pretext that some of their owners were members of the tribes opposed to them.
This comes in light of the Houthi militia's attempt to spread fear and terror against tribesmen who oppose them, who continue to reject the presence of the Houthi militia in the governorate.
The Houthis have been bombing the homes of their opponents, in an unprecedented precedent in Yemen. They blown up about 900 houses in a number of the country's governorates since the start of ther war against the Yemenis in late 2014.