Two Yemenis killed in armed robberies in US

Two Yemenis American were killed in two separate armed robberies in the United States, amid a significant increase in the number of robbery victims.

The "Yemenis in America" organization said on Friday on its Facebook page, that the seventy-year-old Yemeni American, Naji Mohammed Azzan, was killed in an armed robbery of the shop in which he works in North Carolina.

This comes less than 24 hours after the killing of another Yemeni American, Tawfiq Ahmed Al-Awlaki, in a similar robbery while working at a gas station in Indiana.

The "Yemenis in America" said that police arrested a young man whom they described as a "minor" accused of one attack.

Recently, murders against immigrants in the United States of America, especially Yemenis, have multiplied without the state authorities taking deterrent penalties or precautionary security measures to protect them.