Iran-backed Houthis impose a siege on an entire village in Sanaa, arrest 46 residents

The Iran-backed Houthis imposed siege for the third week in a row on the village of Al-Ara in Hamdan District, south of Sana'a Governorate, in light of their continued abuse to subjugate the population.
The Houthi members continue to surround and besiege the defenseless population with 17 armoured vehicles, all the entrances to the village of Al-Ara in Hamdan District from all directions. Local sources told Khabar Agency.
The sources said that the militia set up new checkpoints at the entrances to the village of Al-Ara, kidnapped every citizen who leaves his home arbitrarily without legal justification.
The sources added that the militia arrested about 46 residents of Al-Ara village and put them in prisons, and practiced brutal repression and intimidation against all residents, including women and children, prevented the families of the wounded from visiting their sons.
Human rights activists and judges on social media organized a solidarity campaign with the residents of Al-Ara village in to protest the military campaign launched by the Houthi militia to loot their lands and suppress their peaceful sit-in and abuses for the third week in a row.