Masam project removes 1,167 Houthi mines in Yemen within a week

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) “Masam” project managed during the fourth week of June 2022 to dismantle 1,167 mines planted by the Houthi militia in various Yemeni regions, including 21 antipersonnel mines, 247 anti-tank mines, and 892 unexploded ordnance, and 7 explosive charges.
Figuring out the result, Masam team reported that they have managed to clear 130 anti-tank mines and 272 unexploded ordnance in Aden and Al-Hodaydah, eight unexploded ordnance and 12 anti-tank mines defused in Al-Khawkhah district, in addition to 22 anti-tank mines in Hays district and 9 anti-tank mines in Al-Mudaraba District, Lahj Governorate.
In Marib, the Masam team cleared four anti-tank mines in Al-Wadi district, two anti-tank mines, eight anti-personnel mines in Harib district, 596 unexploded ordnance in Marib district, two anti-personnel mines in Shabwa governorate, and 13 anti-tank mines and five explosive devices in Ayn district, four anti-tank mines, and one unexploded ordnance in Usaylan district.
The "Masam" team in Taiz governorate succeeded in dismantling four anti-tank mines and cleared four unexploded ordnance, and two explosive devices in the Al-Wazi'iyah district, seven anti-tank mines, seven unexploded ordnance, and eleven anti-personnel mines in the Mocha district, in addition to removing 40 anti-tank mines and four unexploded ordnance in Dhibab district.
The number of mines that were cleared so far in June has reached 5,363 mines, bringing the total number of the cleared mines since the launch of “Masam” project to 347,737 mines that were randomly planted by the Houthi militia in Yemeni territories which have claimed more innocent Yemeni victims including children, women and the elderly.