Iran-backed Houthis execute their fleeing fighters from battles in Shabwa

Iran-backed Houthis set up ambushes to take down their fleeing fighters from the battles in Baihan of Shabwa Governorate (southeast of Yemen). Military sources told Khabar Agency.

Al Amalika Forces, backed by the Arab coalition, said they had taken the strategic areas of Bayhan after liberating Al Hanu and Hajar Alsheikh near Bayhan city.

Members of the so-called Preventive Security of the militia set up ambushes to the militia's vehicles that fleed the battles in Wadi al-Nahr, which leads to Ain District, which is still under the control of the Houthis. The sources said.

The Preventive Security of the militia executed the fleeing fighters, threw their bodies on the side of the roads. The sources told Khabar Agency.