WFP excludes hundreds of Yemenis to appease the Houthis

The World Food Program has excluded hundreds of deserving cases from food aid provided through the program in the Ibb Governorate, central Yemen, due to the influence of the Houthi militia.
Residents said that they were permanently excluded from food aid provided by the WFP, which is colluding with the Houthis, in light of the deteriorating living and economic conditions of citizens due to the Houthi war in the country.
The exclusion process took place according to the whims of influential Houthis, and the needy and poor, who were the first to be excluded and their names dropped from the aid lists, were not taken into consideration. Residents added.
In the same context, residents who received aid spoke about the looting of some of its contents by influential figures and leaders of the Houthis.
The oil was completely cut off from all the people of the Governorate despite its presence in the disclosure of aid, and sources reported that it was confiscated for the benefit of the Houthi leaders.