The Iranian ruler in Sanaa exposes Houthi claims about sovereignty

The visit of the Iranian military ruler in Sanaa, Hassan Erlo, on Tuesday to the Republican Hospital in the Yemeni capital, exposed the Houthi allegations and slogans about sovereignty, which linked the fate of the Yemeni people to the interests of the mullahs in Tehran.
Informed sources confirmed that the Iran's Erlo is practicing his work in Sanaa as a first official in the Houthi-controlled areas, through meetings with representatives of organizations and visiting government interests and institutions in a way that violates diplomatic norms.
The Erlo’s visit to the Hospital in Sana’a exposed the truth about the militia’s claims to defend sovereignty at a time when the country, its interests and fate were pawned by the Mullahs of Iran. Observes said.
Observes see that the visit confirmed that he is the de facto ruler of the militia and that Iran is the main participant in destroying Yemen and committing genocide against humanity.
Observes noted that the Houthi slogans are only for local consumption, at a time when the militia’s subordination for Tehran’s mullahs is revealed, especially since their political and military decisions are taken by the leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.