The Houthis and their "General Amnesty".. Just another lie

A document obtained by Khabar Agency revealed the lies of the so-called Houthi "General Amnesty" for those who deceive them and invite them to join their absurdity battles.

According to the document, the militia require those who deceived them with what is called a "General Amnesty" and deceived them through their mercenaries, that everyone who returns to their battles must write a pledge and provide guarantees from the sheikh of his tribe and his relatives.

A security source said that dozens of people who were deceived by the Houthi lie, have been in prison for more than two years because they were unable to meet the militia’s conditions and fulfill the guarantee form.

Khabar Agency
Khabar Agency

He explained that a number of returnees to the militia battles had died in prisons, and the health condition of others was very critical.

Everyone who returned to the militia’s battles, even those who signed the guarantee form, are summoned on a monthly and continuous basis for investigation, and that they are under the supervision of the militia’s intelligence services. The source confirmed.