Iran-backed Houthis committ a new crime by destroying five houses in Hodeidah with missile (video)

The Iran-backed Houthi militia committed on Tuesday a heinous crime with direct missile strikes on the Al-Mazhar residential neighborhood in the city of Hodeidah, in western Yemen.

Local and medical sources reported that a Houthi missile targeted Al-Manzhar neighborhood, adjacent to Hodeidah airport at nine in the morning, resulting in the total destruction of five houses, for the citizens (Yahya Abdullah, Mohammad Yahya Hassan, Mohammad Abdullah Jaber, Abdullah Yahya Jurhzi and his brother Mohammad Yahya Jurhzi), in addition to partial damages to a number of neighboring houses.

The sources confirmed that two families miraculously escaped, while two women and three children were injured in varying degrees. They were immediately taken by rescue teams of the joint forces to receive treatment in the field hospital in Khokha city.

They explained in press statements that most of the members of the destroyed houses as a result of the bombing were outside their homes.

They pointed out that the repeated Houthi bombing was aimed at forcing the people of the neighborhood to flee again after most of the residents returned to it, stressing that there is no military target near their homes.