Iran-backed Houthis torture a young man for refusing to fight with them

The Iran-backed Houthis, kidnapped a young man and tortured him to death, because of his refusal to fight with them.

Local sources said that a number of Houthi members kidnapped, a few days ago, a young man, "Marwan Hammoud Ali Al-Haddad (24 years old), while he was walking in the street in the capital Sanaa, which is under their control.

The sources indicated that the militia offered the young man to go fighting with their fighters against the Yemen's government forces, but when he refused, he was tortured to death, noting that there were signs of beatings on his body and strangulation appearing on the victim's neck.

According to the sources, the family of Al-Haddad filed a lawsuit with a court in the capital, Sana'a, with a case of kidnapping, torture and killing of her son, but the militia leadership have put pressure on the victim's family and forced them to drop the case.

The Houthi militia continue to commit more violations and crimes against civilians in their areas of control, and has recently resorted to kidnapping children and youth from the streets and popular neighborhoods, deceiving them and pushing them into their futile battles.