A Yemeni colonel escapes Houthis, reaches the liberated areas.. a major blow to the militia intelligence

A Yemeni colonel who escaped the Houthi militia and returned to his family on the West Coast of Yemen revealed that he was imprisoned for the first time, which lasted for two months in the prison of the city of Al-Saleh, in Taiz, and the second after his release four months ago, which lasted days before his release and return to the West Coast.

Colonel Qayed Afandi said in a television interview published Wednesday that he was imprisoned and tortured in Al-Saleh City, Taiz, for two months, on 7/30/2017, then were released with a guarantee to be "a good man" and he remained free for four months.

"During this period, I was subjected to harassment and censorship, so I decided to move to Ibb city and stayed for a short period, then they cordoned off my house, arrested my children, and looted my cars and everything I possessed". the Colonel said.

“Then I moved to Sana'a and the Houthi militia was following me, and from Sanaa I traveled to Hodeidah trying to return to my home via the Sikm Al-Mahjar road, but I was arrested there .. So they kept me in the Political Security prison in Hodeidah for a month and then transferred me blindfolded to the Political Security prison in Sanaa until 16/6/2020. He added.

Colonel Afandi explained that the Houthi militias charged him with communicating with leaders in the Government.

He said that he was being subjected to torture and investigation in Hodeidah for a month and in Sanaa for a year and a half.

He indicated that he and the rest of the prisoners were being insulted and verbally abused, and that if one of them fell ill or suffocated, and asked the prison guard for help, they would respond to them by saying: "Die!"

The Colonel explained that the Houthi militia released him after three years, and moved him to meet with Abu Ali Al-Hakem, the Houthi chief of military intelligence.

"Abu Ali Al-Hakem, told me that they will release me, give me what I want, promote me to the Dean, get my cars and every thing they took back, and fix my situation". Afandi said.

"At the time, I agreed to assure them to get me free, and then they brought me back to Sanaa, but when I found that the surveillance had diminished on me, where I was due to make a media statement on Saturday in their channels (..). However, I was able to ignore them then when I had the chance, I escaped from them using sub roads until I got to Mocha on the West Coast of Yemen". He added.

Observers considered that the colonel's escape was a major blow to the Houthis.