Griffiths is only good at traveling with his suitcase loaded with suspicious agenda

The UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths continues working to prolong the war in Yemen, misleading the international community to serve a suspicious agenda in which he seeks to collect more personal gains and benefits, with complete disregard for suffering of the Yemenis, while the UN Sanctions Committee continues obtaining its information from false sources and yellow outlets

Since his appointment, two years ago, and given the nature of his movements between Riyadh, Sana'a, Muscat and Oman, Griffiths is only good at traveling with his suitcase loaded with suspicious agenda that he and other parties seek to pass with interests in extending the Yemeni sufferings

Griffiths works with a plan that mainly focuses on evading the main solutions to the crisis, focusing on secondary and tangential issues, all of which do not go beyond the bounds of periodic statements and briefings submitted to the Security Council meetings in which he often expresses his concern or optimism

Many observers and experts see that UN envoy did not achieve a tangible achievement for the conflict, but transformed the sub-issues into major ones, whether through negotiation mechanisms or periods of their rounds without yielding real achievements, such as the Stockholm Agreement, which has been over a year without reflecting its benefits in practice on the ground

Through the failed agreement of Stockholm and the subsequent decision to form an international mission in Hodeidah, Griffiths has created an additional justify for spending an annual budget in excess of $ 72 million under the pretext of the UN Mission to monitor the Hodeidah Agreement

Observers affirm that the team of UN Committees of Experts relied on false assumptions, that don't technically exist, depending on the contents of the targeted press to offend specific political figures in a targeted campaign that started since 2011, and it is the same agenda that seek to demolish the Arab countries in order to serve the projects of spreading chaos

In fact, Yemen is getting lost and the suffering of its people getting worse while Griffiths and his team making a living and serving suspicious agenda.. and it seems that any solution will not be in sight in the near future