A man sets himself on fire in Sanaa after being subjected to injustice by Iran-backed Houthis

A Yemeni man has set himself on fire in front of the Presidential Palace in Sana'a, as a protest against injustice and corruption he was subjected to by Houthi leaders and the judiciary under their control

According to eyewitnesses who reported the incident, said that Jamal Saleh Al Dhubaibi, 41, from Rayma governorate, poured gasoline on his body and set it on fire in front of the Presidential Palace in Sana'a

The incident took place in the last two days

According to eyewitnesses, the fire devoured his body before some of the pedestrians extinguished the flames and took him to Al Jumhoria General Hospital for treatment, under heavy guard

Al Dhubaibi is currently being hospitalized due to severe burns amid reports that he is in critical condition. Sources said

Witnesses said that a senior Houthi leader - a Brigadier General - threatened shops owners who saw the incident with beating and prison if they talked about what happened to Al Dhubaibi or leaked it to the media

Witnesses and sources would not rule out the possibility that Al Dhubaibi might be killed by Iran-backed militias so as not to happen any developments expose the corruption and crimes of the Houthis and ignite the street against their grave violations