Iran-backed Houthis abduct dozens of women in Northern Yemen

The Iran-backed Houthis abducted and arrested during the past few days, more than 90 women in Hajjah Governorate (Northern Yemen), without legal justification, in flagrant defiance of women's rights guaranteed in Yemeni law. Tribal customs and traditions in the country consider it a black defect. A human rights source said.

Hadi Wardan, a member of the monitoring team in the National Committee to investigate allegations of human rights violations, said in a statement that Houthi gunmen made during the past days a "campaign of raids on homes and abducted dozens of women".

Another human rights source in the same governorate confirmed that their number is more than ninety women, without any legal reason or justification.

The abducted women were detained in the "Nusayriah Central Prison". He said.

He called on human rights organizations to take a "clear position in condemning this flagrant act".

Earlier, statistics reported that the Houthi militia had abducted more than 1,714 Yemeni women from homes, universities, workplaces, roads, and others, during the period from 2014 to 2022.

The abducted women are detaining in official and secret prisons.

Reports said that they are subjecting to various types of torture and psychological, verbal and physical abuse, and that among them were those who committed suicide.